River Region Red Tent

What is the Red Tent?

A Red Tent gathering is simply a gathering of women that occurs at the new moon when we are most in need of support, healing, rest, and reflection. While this is not a new concept, you may have never heard of it since many modern women have been conditioned to not take regular time to process their emotions. Many of us grew up in competition with each other, rather than in sisterhood. It is time to reclaim the Red Tent.

While the gathering of women has been around for centuries, the name and idea of The Red Tent as we currently know it came about by the fiction novel written by Anita Diamant in 1997.

I experienced my first moon lodge (or Red Tent) in 2018 with Susun Weed in Mentone, Alabama. From that day on, I decided I wanted to bring this to my community one day. This is a FREE gathering that will take place every month on the new moon from 6:45-7:30 pm. Please message me for more details and how to attend.

Receive Nourishment from other Sisters

Share Wisdom

Face to face time with other women


Honor Your Cycle

Share Stories


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