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Maiden's Journey is a 6 week coming of age class series. I have created this based on what I have learned from two different training programs I completed in 2017. This name is special to me because I feel I can honor these two programs that taught me so much. If you'd like to check out the programs I learned from, see Journey of Young Women and Maiden's by His Design.

Four circles are offered each year:

Winter Circle: January-February; Spring Circle: April-May; Summer Circle: July-August; Fall Circle: October-November

A minimum of five girls is required in order to schedule a circle.

I *do* travel and the location of the circles is to be determined based on the interest. Total cost may be increased depending on the amount of travel required. A discount will be offered for your daughter if you provide a group of girls and a space to hold the circle.  Please contact me if you have a space available. I have a RV that I can hold the circles from and easily travel to a location near you!

In this series, we will become comfortable discussing topics such as Assertiveness, Self Image, Sisterhood, Friendships, Emotions, Confidence, Body Care, Health, Menstrual Products, Anatomy, Puberty, Menstruation, and Ovulation!

This circle is open for ages 10-13.

Each class is 2 hours long.

I have launched these circles because I believe it is so important to understand our bodies and to not fear the changes that lie ahead!

Society would like to have us believe that our cycles are a curse that needs fixing!

Instead, let's have our girls embrace their cycles as blessings with a purpose and as a natural and beautiful part of our lives!

Below is an outline of the Maiden's Journey program:


*Parent Informational Meeting (via Zoom)-to discuss intentions for the circle and the topics we will be covering.

A time to bring any questions you may have to the facilitator.

Session 1-
Meet and Greet

Session 2-
Body Image
Inner Beauty
Body Care
Healthy Foods

Session 3-
Self Esteem
Healthy Relationships

Session 4-
Naming of Body Parts

Session 5-
Menstrual Products

Session 6-

Each session will also consist of fun arts and crafts, ceremonies, games, songs, poetry, or other activities that are appropriate for the topic being discussed. Light refreshments are also provided for each session.

Cost: $95 per girl includes 13 hours of instruction, materials, and parent meeting.

Email to sign up! 

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