Fertility Awareness FAQ's

What do you currently offer for fertility awareness services?

I offer Justisse Method Intro sessions, one-on-one consults, workshops, and chart reviews. I offer training and support to women who may be looking to use Fertility Awareness for birth control, pregnancy achievement, or just for gaining insight into their menstrual and general health. I am available for a 15 minute free consultation to meet you and discuss your intentions for using the method to help you decide if this is right for you. I love to share my story and help teach women about their bodies and how to use this empowering method!

What is the Justisse Method?

The Justisse Method is a standardized system developed in 1987 and designed to help women develop body literacy. It involves recording your body’s natural indicators of fertility such as cervical mucus and the shift in basal body temperature. These observations help women determine their fertile or infertile days.

Who would benefit from learning this method of fertility management?

1. Women who want to avoid pregnancy and not use hormonal contraceptives or birth control devices.

2. Women who want to conceive.

3. Women who want to develop body literacy to better understand their cycles.

4. Women who want to monitor their fertility after stopping hormonal contraceptives

5. Women who want to monitor their return to fertility after childbirth and/or while breastfeeding.

6. Women who want to better manage their transition into their menopausal years.

Will the Justisse method actually work for me?

This method is based on years of research and has been shown to be 99.6% effective at preventing pregnancy, when used correctly. Once you have been trained and can observe and interpret your signs of fertility, you can make conscious choices about having sex based on your actual chances of getting pregnant that day. The information you learn will also allow you to monitor and manage your health naturally and holistically.

Is this the Rhythm Method?

NO, it is definitely not the Rhythm Method! The Rhythm Method uses calculations from past cycles to try to predict fertility in future cycles. Instead, we teach you how to know your fertility on a day to day basis. It doesn't matter what happened in your previous cycles or if your cycles tend to vary. With Justisse, you can learn to understand your unique cycle.

What if I have PMS, PCOS, Hypo/Hyper Thyroid, Endometriosis, Fibroids, or some other health condition?

You can still use this method and you may even find charting to be helpful in pinpointing the root cause of your condition. Your charts will give you a clear picture of how your hormones are working.

What will I learn in the Intro Session?

You will learn how your reproductive system works, how to identify fertile and infertile days, recognize whether or not your menstrual cycle is healthy, and how to observe, chart, and interpret your menstrual cycle events! This session can take place virtually (via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom) or in-person.

How do the follow-up consults work?

It is recommended (not required) to complete 6-9 follow up sessions in order to fully understand how to use the method correctly and then whenever you need a refresher or your intention for using the method changes. The follow up sessions are where the most learning takes place and where you can bring all the questions you experience while learning to chart to Amy for clarification. We will discuss everything you observe during your cycle, help you interpret your charts, and address any questions or concerns. These sessions can take place virtually (via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom) or in-person.


To locate a certified Fertility Awareness Educator:

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