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What is a Mother Blessing?














I'm sure many of you are very familiar with baby showers given to moms in the weeks or months before delivery.

At a baby shower, guests often shower the mom with gifts for the baby.

A Mother Blessing or Blessingway is different in that the focus is on the mother-to-be rather than the baby.

It's a wonderful time to nurture the mother

and show her love and support as she embarks on her childbirth journey.
While baby showers have their place and are wonderful ways to get all the necessities needed for your new baby,

they often consist of a large gathering of people, with some being people you do not even know very well.

The Mother Blessing consists of your very closest friends or family and focuses on helping you,

the mother-to-be, release your fears and connect with the women closest to you.
If you still love the idea of a baby shower, by all means

have a baby shower AND a Mother Blessing!

As the Facilitator/Host of your Blessingway, I will provide the following in my Basic Mother Blessing package:

One meeting to go over your ideas and requests for the Blessing.

We will also agree on a location most convenient and relaxing for you (I do offer to host Blessings in my home)

I will create and send invitations out the old fashioned way by snail mail. (5-10 is my suggested number of attendants.)The women invited should be your absolute closest friends or family members, the women you feel most comfortable with and that can pass positive vibes to you for your delivery...your "tribe".

I will plan and purchase items necessary for the activities that make a successful Mother Blessing.

Feast and refreshments can be provided by me (sample menu available) or

I can organize and coordinate for a pot luck.

Host the ceremony which usually lasts 2-3 hours.

Take special photos from the ceremony and provide pictures to you in a special photo booklet.

Setup and light cleanup afterwards.

Please message me for pricing details and more information.