Meet Amy


Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Amy holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Alabama State University and is a certified Fertility Awareness Educator through the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals, as well as a member of this organization. Amy is also certified as a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner through Justisse College and a Postpartum Doula certified through Childbirth International.


Amy's personal healing began back in 2010 after experiencing several years of ill side effects from the pill and then discovering the fertility awareness method. She originally taught herself the method via Toni Weschler's book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, and later completed 2 years of training at Justisse College. Amy was able to identify health issues such as hypothyroidism and PCOS via her charts. She has successfully used the method herself during irregular cycles, for pregnancy avoidance, pregnancy achievement, while breastfeeding postpartum, and for monitoring her reproductive and general health for over ten years.

Education & Training

 -Member of Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals

 -Member of Red Tents In Every Neighborhood Global Network


 - Certified FAE/HRHP: Justisse College International (2018)


 - Certified Postpartum Doula: Childbirth International (2018)

 - BSc. Psychology: Alabama State University (2007)

 - Maidens by His Design: Teacher Training (2018)

 - Journey of Young Women: Mentoring Girls Training Certificate (2017)

 - Holistic Health Cooking: Andrea Beaman's AB Academy (2017)

 - CPR/AED/First Aid Certification (2016)

 - Client Advocate Counselor at River Region Pregnancy Center (2010-2013)


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The information provided by Amy Hollon on, or by any other means of communication such as emails, workshops, or private consults is provided as an educational tool and a resource for people who prefer to use a natural approach to their health, fertility, and well-being. I am not a medical or naturopathic doctor and I do not dispense medical advice or prescribe treatment. The information I provide is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice. The information I share is from my own research and experiences. It is up to you to decide how to use the information. 

I will not be responsible for any adverse effects or consequences that might result if you decide to use this method and any of the supplemental health techniques, therapies, or remedies shared.

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